choose joy

Keep your focus on your joy!

Even when there is turmoil on the outside world, don't let it get in the inside of you and ruin your true sense of inner peace. We can't stop the trouble in the world or all of our problems and hurts but we can, however, refuse to allow them to penetrate into the depths of our mind or inner being. It is very important to stay conscious of where you are placing your thoughts and stop them from entering on the inside of you.

Cultivating a slave mentality

Our blessings are all around you yet, too often; we all seem to settle for what amounts to a limited mindset placed in front of us. We rainbow in skybecome conditioned to just settle in our lives, which in truth is a slave mentality. To believe that you have no choice and need to have others, including the government, take care of you and tell you what to do is exactly what the slaves did.

You can be the one to set a new standard for you and your family.

So often we are living in the shadows of our parents and ancestors. By that I mean, that just because our past family members experienced poor health, addictions or shortcomings does not mean that you have to have those same experiences or that you will re-live the past. I want to make this very clear you are not the past and you can change your DNA by changing your thoughts and beliefs, which in turn will change your outcome!

There is always a reason for our pain!

All of us have things we don't understand about life in general and in our personal lives, in particular, that is because we don't know the ���WHY'. Why is it part of our life and why is it happening. It is like a piece of the puzzle that doesn't seem to fit and somehow doesn't appear to connect to the whole story. We get lonely, physically or emotionally sick, lose a job or a relationship yet in the eyes of God, this piece of our lives is part of the bigger picture.