Creating Peace

We all have a duel personality!

There are two people living on the inside of us.  The positive “ Yes I can do it” personality and then the negative fearful side of you that hides and feels insecure on occasion.  We all have the ability to be thoughtful and considerate and then some one comes along and cuts us off and we become angry and ready to do the same to get even.  You actually have the grace to overcome your dark side.  Maybe you need to dig your heels in and

Don't be upset when life isn't working?

Sometimes we are put in a place that is uncomfortable and unpleasant in order for us to grow, learn and reach into the depths of our soul to discover something within that is far greater than anything we could have ever imagined. Problems produce perseverance and perseverance builds character, that is, if you don't allow yourself to be discouraged with the process first!

Keep your focus on your joy!

Even when there is turmoil on the outside world, don't let it get in the inside of you and ruin your true sense of inner peace. We can't stop the trouble in the world or all of our problems and hurts but we can, however, refuse to allow them to penetrate into the depths of our mind or inner being. It is very important to stay conscious of where you are placing your thoughts and stop them from entering on the inside of you.

It's time to come to a place of inner peace

Worrying is the thief that often catches you unaware! It will rob you of a peaceful night sleep and it will create tension during your days. Don't let worry and sickness or financial difficulties become your ruler but instead let those feelings spur you to take some positive action. Worry can be helpful when it reminds you that you need to take control of your mind, tell it what you want to think about and let it know that your worry is too often debilitating and false.

Keeping strife out of your life.

show considerationIt is easy to argue and get upset with those we love but that is damaging to a relationship and inviting destructive feelings into our lives. We all get angry and over reactive to our family members and even or associates-that is part of being human; however, it is important not to let our buttons be pushed all the time or to be the cause of strife.

What nourishes your soul?

To nourish means to supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth. When I speak about nourishing the body, we all get the idea that we need to supply our bodies with food and hopefully good food and maybe exercise. Yet when I speak about nourishing the soul, many people turn a deaf ear! They don't know what I am speaking about and most people don't even want to discuss that topic.

Are you ready for the sunlight to shine on you?

You are in line to receive your blessings and gifts that have been earmarked for your life. Are you willing to see the possibilities and get involved with up-lifting your mental outlook as you shift your attitude and behavior patterns? All you need is one touch of God's hand and your life can be changed forever. Suddenly, the sunlight is shining brightly on your life and all that you have hoped to experience is placed right in front of you. I want to encourage you to get your life ready for all the Blessings that are coming to you now.