Creating Peace

Let it be

I understand that even in the best conditions, awful things happen. A loss of a loved one, unemployment, disease or accidents, among other disparities, can and will happen during our lifetimes. In fact, one or more of these events are almost guaranteed. We are, after all, mere mortals. The truth is that we are all born with our own expiration dates. Life is a priceless gift that should never be taken for granted yet on the other hand, it shouldn't be lived through anxiety and stress.

Can you adapt and adjust when things aren't going your way?

The client cancelled and you were counting on that money! Your friend forgot about the lunch appointment with you and you feel rejected and hurt. Emotional stress is a demon that lurks in the shadows of our mind and our lives; and that is why I have gained all that weight I needed to indulge in that chocolate bar to ease my pain and frustration or maybe it is a glass of wine that I need. Have you ever had those thoughts? Does disappointment and stress trigger addiction to some behavior that you think will ease the pain or distress?

Are you a victim of sadness?

Let's face it -- we all get sad from time to time; that is part of living but that does not mean we must live in that state for a prolonged period of time. Sadness is felt when things are not going our way and we feel unhappy or discontent. Maybe a past experience or memory triggers sadness and sets you spinning.