Difficulties are only a wake-up call

You can heal your life!

I believe that most people want to be healthy, that is, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually yet they rarely explore the numerous options that are available to them to make it happen. Like working at a job, it also takes effort to stay healthy and lead a life free from sickness and dis-ease. Unfortunately, too many people are lazy when it comes to their physical health. They don't exercise sufficiently; they eat the wrong foods and fall into the addictive behavior caused by eating chemically processed foods.

Use your obstacles for your good

When you maintain the right attitude, your Creator will use your difficult times for your good. Nothing happens for a worthless purpose, but rather is divinely planned. Life actually happens on purpose! That is why you need to stay positive and know that when you maintain the right attitude, things will, with time, begin to shine brightly.

Difficulties are a part of life!

You are not weak but rather strong and able to go through the difficulties of life. Don't allow your mind to tell you otherwise! There is always a purpose for the pain and harsh times. This is the moment to stand tall and push through it in the best way possible. Believe there is always a lesson for you to learn. Don't be hard headed and continue to go through the same pain again and again. Learn from it, grow from it and remember that if you don't want to go through that same experience again, something has to change!