Empowering Self

Stay committed to your goals.

Times do get tough; sometimes we want to give up because things don’t seem fair.  We get discouraged and think maybe what I want isn’t meant to be for me, yet I want you to know just because your life gets tough, don’t give up, give in or get so discouraged that you settle for mediocrity.

How you started is not important

How you started is not important – how you finish is what counts!  You can break the chains that bind you and you can create changes that will transform your life if you make the right choices that will enhance your development and improve your thinking and your life.    You may be facing challenges that seem impossible but I want you to know when you change your words and thinking you will change how you perform.  It def

Do you value yourself?

Do you allow what others think about you determine your value or worth?  In truth, when you feel and believe in your personal self value and worth, you are stating that you recognize, appreciate, accept and confidently know you are worthy because you have something inside of you that is special.  You are a child of the most high God and for that one reason, you should feel good about who you are.

Are you continually feeding yourself in a healthy way?

We get so busy living our daily lives that we forget to pay attention to the needs of our minds, body and spirit.  I realize it is difficult to stay on top of your craft, to stay in the game and to keep up pace with everyone else around you.  I want to remind you, however, it is important to stay focused and to make sure you are serving all of you not just your material needs if you expect to heal yo