Empowering Self

You can manifest for your life in 2017

I once heard a doctor say this statement on TV as she was asking people to exercise, eat well and improve the quality of their life for the New Year: “If you don’t take care of your body…where else are you going to live?”  We all need to repeat this statement over and over again so that it will be absorbed in the mind/body connection of each one of us. 

Get rid of your regrets

Crying over what happened yesterday doesn’t produce freedom and it doesn’t get you moving forward.  Nothing that has happened in the past surprises your Creator!  He knows everything!  Maybe it is time to release your regrets, your bitterness and instead choose to live in the present moment of now where new possibilities are available for you to identify, explore and seek out.  If you are craving to

Get ready for a better life!

Too often we are caught up in disbelief that we are actually capable of achieving greatness in our lives yet when we believe, without a shadow of a doubt, everything is possible.  Your Creator has something special for you if you are willing to exceed your deepest beliefs and trust and know that you can and will be enriched with a flowing life.  In order to transform your life, you must expect

Protect your mind!

If you are a seeker of inner peace, you must protect your mind and keep it free from stress and anxiety.  We were not designed to be in stress and tension all the time, yet, too often, we all seem to live our lives that way.  It is easy to live in a state of worry and definitely more challenging to pay attention to protecting our minds so we can live in a peaceful state.  Yet like everything else in life, if you desire to enjoy your time on Earth in good health, you need to pay attention to where you are placing your ene

What you need is deep roots

You must have deep roots that will keep you grounded in inner peace and balance if you want to live your life in contentment and harmony.    Surface roots can easily cause a tree to topple in times of storms because surface roots are shallow roots. The same holds true for us humans.  We all need to go down deep and stay grounded and know that we are secure within our soul because we are deeply grounded to our core.  In other words, don’t let circumstances take you out and destroy your peace of mind and your joy.  Deep roots will get you through everything!

Are you damaging your mind without even being aware?

Most people are unaware of a very important and harmful truth, that is, when you listen to and watch violent and negative energy shows or movies, you are emotionally affected in a harmful way.  Do you realize that you have the power to choose what goes into your mind 24/7?   Maybe you are a person who doesn’t care and that is okay; however, I definitely have a purpose and reason for living and part of my purpose and reason is to become as healthy as possible, that is, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I choose to

Do you feel conflicted with your life?

Sometime we do things that we shouldn’t do, we act impatiently or we rush into making decisions only to cause greater hardship or conflict.  In other words, we make mistakes!  Without realizing it, we create the conflict that we feel in our lives.  Don’t you think you need to re-think your decisions and re-think your failures?  Why do we do things that we do?  Our behavior and our minds are controlled too often by what gives us physical and/or emotional gratification.  We want to feel good in the moment without taking into consideration the consequences in the future.