Empowering Self

Do you know what your purpose is for your life?

It is important to distinguish between the truth and error. If you cannot make that determination, you will falter often and feel deeply challenged and/or defeated.To be able to discern truthfully for your life really starts at early childhood. We are taught by our parents first to know the truth and speak the truth but if you have not had that advantage, it would greatly serve you and your life if you were prepared now to make right choices and valued decisions for your life.

Don't let anyone control your mind!

In this world that we live in today, we are continually bombarded by powerful forces who are trying to control our minds, to squeeze our thoughts, ideas and reasoning into their mold. They want us to see life through their eyes and therefore, accept what they say as the truth. Please stay alert and refuse to take someone else's thought as the gospel truth!

Difficulties are a part of life!

You are not weak but rather strong and able to go through the difficulties of life. Don't allow your mind to tell you otherwise! There is always a purpose for the pain and harsh times. This is the moment to stand tall and push through it in the best way possible. Believe there is always a lesson for you to learn. Don't be hard headed and continue to go through the same pain again and again. Learn from it, grow from it and remember that if you don't want to go through that same experience again, something has to change!

Stay in Faith!

Faith is key imageGod can set a miracle into action. Stop praying for your life to change and start praying in gratitude for all the goodness in your life. In other words pray as if your miracle has been answered. Suddenly things will fall into place. Believe that God has already given you all that you have asked for. Do your part and remember to be in appreciation for God's goodness.

Train your mind to be inquisitive

thought balloon copyTrain your mind to be inquisitive, always searching, always seeking. I believe that we as humans are naturally curious, always wondering why or how something goes together. I know that I am! I always ask questions and seek out someone who is smarter than I or at least has a greater knowledge about a particular topic that I want to know more about.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Are you satisfied with your life just the way it is or do you continually strive to stir your energy so you can improve and still be better? Open your eyes and look within. Examine your authentic self and be honest with yourself and what brings you joy. Always continue to climb your mountain and seek to be more. Dig your heels in and believe that you can and will still have the opportunities that you have been dreaming about come into your life.

Would you marry you?

This question was asked of our clients in a workshop who were having difficulty in many areas of their lives and not seeing the forest for the trees. This problem happens to many of us because we are so attached to a particular situation that we fail to recognize the bigger picture or the larger scenario.

Spread some Joy!

Can there ever be too much joy in the world? We tend to become confused in life and think that our lives are meant to be hard and difficult. I am here to tell you that you are living your life backward. We have become too busy, crazy with activity and stress in our lives that we miss our greatest joy. Do your part and get intentional. Listen to what others are saying. Give them your fullest attention, let your associates, your family and friends know that you are listening and interested in them.