Enriching Life

Are you waiting for a breakthrough?

We all want our promises, our hopes and desires to come to us right now. We feel like we have worked hard but nothing seems to materialize. I am here to tell you that it is necessary to believe that there is a force greater than you that is working on your behalf. It is easy to complain and live discouraged when nothing looks like it is going to happen. But that is exactly the time to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, what you are seeking is also seeking you.

Don't self-sabotage your life

You can talk yourself into victory or you can talk yourself into defeat! You can encourage yourself with your thoughts and attitude or you can destroy your chances with your negativity and hopelessness.

Being strengthened and encouraged by your thoughts, beliefs and spirit will help free you up of your weariness and sense of discouragement. It is important for you to make sure your body and mind are in alignment with your higher self if you want to free yourself from exhaustion.

Don't be upset when life isn't working?

Sometimes we are put in a place that is uncomfortable and unpleasant in order for us to grow, learn and reach into the depths of our soul to discover something within that is far greater than anything we could have ever imagined. Problems produce perseverance and perseverance builds character, that is, if you don't allow yourself to be discouraged with the process first!

Don't let your problems defeat you.

Sometimes we think we are stuck in our problems and feel so down and defeated that we forget to remember that our Creator protected us and helped us in the past and He will do it again for you. Miracles happen all the time; believe that this is your time. Each one of us has experienced the mercy of God. Possibly this is your time to remember when the mercy of God helped you, healed you or even prevented a major accident in your life. The goodness of God is ever present.

Do you feel as though you are being overlooked?

Do your thoughts make you feel insignificant and as a result continually push you down as you move into mediocrity? Do you feel insignificant and overlooked by others? Well, it is time to stand tall, open your heart wide and continue to believe that with God, you will be raised up, uplifted and prospered. God always sees your potential and knows your heart. He is preparing you for your best days yet.

Do you acknowledge the success of others?

Do you need to gain the approval of others in order to be satisfied and content in life? Many people are still seeking the approval of their parents. They long for them to say they are okay, valued and respected. Deep down we are all longing to be approved of, appreciated and acknowledged so today, I ask you to think about it and if there is one or several persons who need to hear those words, share them willingly now.


Obey that small still voice

Our Creator speaks to us in so many ways through our small still voice within. The question is, do we pay attention and care? Our lives would be so much better if we did! You see, we always have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary pain and heart tribulations if we would be more willing to listen to our promptings and learn how to utilize the powerful gift of the Universe that will always tell us the truth.


Do you contribute to the strife and confusion in the world?

People often think that if they don't stand by their principles and point of view their life will be compromised. Sometimes, however, we need to find a common ground with which to work so that we do not create a greater disaster or imbalance to society and to ourselves. If we willingly choose to heal our lives individually, we will actually be moving towards healing the world.

Use your words to build up not tear down!

Would it be so much better in the world if we could use our words to build up instead of tear down? Each one of us should be conscious of how we use words on a daily basis. We use words all the time to communicate, to inspire, to hurt and to express love. We need to become more aware of our tone of voice, our body language and how we express our feelings. It would serve each one of us more if we refused to let any evil talk come out of our mouths.

Is your life meaningful?

As we crave to enjoy more for our lives and pray for increased blessings, we need to be reminded that along with increased blessings comes greater responsibilities and stronger faith. Patience is a beautiful attribute; it is often something we seem to chase after yet fail to grasp. Patience is required in order to acquire a fruitful and successful end result. If you have a goal that you what to work towards, it requires more than wishful think, it requires determination, resilience and a strong will to keep going no matter what surfaces. Trust me!