Healing Tips and Tools

Are you having fun yet?

I just came back from a day filled with laugh out loud moments, excitement and shear joy with a group of 50 other people. We all had lunch together and all we did is laugh and have fun. My daughter and I joined a club when we moved to Florida because we wanted to meet people and have fun.

Are you selling yourself short?

Many of you can relate to or at least vaguely recall the story of the Wizard of Oz. While Dorothy lands in a make-believe world she finds both terrifying and delightful, she is thrust into a group of unique characters: the Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion, the brainless Scarecrow and the heartless Tin Man. In the 1939 film, the scarecrow says, "I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones.

Do you feel fulfilled?

When a newborn baby is hungry or uncomfortable, the child usually cries out signaling to whoever is around that he/she needs attention. The child trusts that it will be fed and taken care of and never questions your motives. All young children expect it, look for it and assume that everything will be okay.

Fear Destroys

I can attest to those words first hand. I was traveling on one of my ���adventures' to Egypt approximately 12 years ago where the atmosphere is not much different than it is today--- Armed guards---police with machine guns and intimidation were the images that I saw.

Do your mistakes take you out of the game of life?

Let's get it right! We all make mistakes---that is actually part of the process of life but you are not your mistakes, they are simply something that you experience along the way. When you make a mistake, step back and review the situation as an observer of your life so you can better evaluate the situation and choose not to fall into that trap again. Without a doubt, we all make mistakes but the wise person takes steps avoid the same mistakes again in the future.