Keep your focus on your joy!

Even when there is turmoil on the outside world, don't let it get in the inside of you and ruin your true sense of inner peace. We can't stop the trouble in the world or all of our problems and hurts but we can, however, refuse to allow them to penetrate into the depths of our mind or inner being. It is very important to stay conscious of where you are placing your thoughts and stop them from entering on the inside of you.

Is your life out of balance?

Do you feel out of balance, confused or discouraged and doubting your life, then I am asking you not to fret! It happens to all of us! It may take some time for you to see your way through to a better life experience but don't think you are less than or inferior to others because things can change quickly. I am here to tell you that you can return to a more balanced life, a better environment and partake in the abundance of the world but to receive that you must keep your trust and faith high with a knowingness that God will never desert you.

Believe that you are never alone.

Sometimes we want to move forward in our lives but we feel inadequate or unsure of our own knowledge and strength. If we would stay in hope and trust in a Source far greater than our own strength, nothing is impossible. When you have unshakable faith, that is, believe without a shadow of a doubt, something different and wonderful will come into your life because you are receiving the favor of your Creator, who is your partner - nothing is impossible. Please note, however, you cannot simply sit and ���Hope', you also must take appropriate action and be prepared for your success.

You reap what you sow!

words have powerWe can either bless our lives or we can curse our lives. Your words can either move you towards your greatness or lead you directly towards your defeat. Stop saying you are getting older, tired and nothing is working out for you and start calling yourself healthy, strong, beautiful and successful. You are the one who sets the course and direction of your life.

Is your life coming together?

Sometimes we all think that life is passing us by that all of our dedication and hard work is in vain and we don't see things coming together. It gets discouraging! Yet when we take a step back and see the bigger picture, we realize that it is all coming together. God is not failing us, we simply need to be patient, stay in faith and believe that everything is coming together. The enemy wants us to give up and give into the doubt and fear. Don't talk yourself out of it because your promotion, your new job or your new relationship and healing are all coming together.

You have the seed of greatness inside of you.

There is a seed of greatness in you that is ready to be birth. Do you want to give birth to your greatness that is placed within you? You may be struggling right now with your health, your career or your family situations, yet you can prosper and succeed because God has given you the inner strength and courage to get through anything. It is your responsibility to always trust that God has a plan for your life. You main job is to believe that you can improve your life when you continue to act in the right way and move in the right direction.