Angel Meditations

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Welcome to my Free Angel Meditations

They are offered to you in the hopes that you will receive what ever it may be that will benefit your life. We all need hope and a reason for being. Each one of the six meditations has its own unique message. Thank you for taking the time to listen as you experience a shift in your life.
Angels are a gift to us and they only come to our assistance when we call them in. I speak to my angel friends on a continual basis. I hope after you have learned more about their powers that you, too, will appreciate their guidance, accept their love and invite them into your life.
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  • The articles have a message and a purpose that will give you something to think about.
  • The messages are of hope and new possibilities.
  • We all can learn something new every day and I want to help you help yourself.
  • I have discovered in my life that I learn something new every day. I hope you will soon feel the same way.

Enjoy the Meditations —they have been recorded with you in mind.

Click here to download Meditation # 1
Angel Paschar, the Angel of Vision and Angel Sandalphon, the Angel of Empowerment

Click here to download Meditation # 2
Angel Shamuel, the Angel of Love

Click here to download Meditation # 3
Angel Michael, the Angel of Safety and Protection

Click here to download Meditation # 4
Angel Raphael, the Angel of Healing

Click here to download Meditation # 5
Angel Uriel, the Angel of Calm and Relaxation

Click here to download Meditation # 6
Angel Jophiel, the Angel of Clear Thinking and Creativity



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