Do you believe it is all in God's hands?

Continue to reinforce your positive---upbeat----and inherent good nature so the dark elements of the world cannot break down your resolve and dedication.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once said: "Do not allow negative thoughts or circumstances to influence your life" Because you may have been abused, hurt, offended or felt isolated doesn't mean that you should continue to act this out or feel this way.

Oliver Wendel Holmes said: "Once a man or woman's mind is expanded with an idea or concept, it can never be satisfied to going back to where it was"

We all have all sorts of pictures and all sorts of scrapbooks that we cherish and save. We may have stories that we want to share or stories that we want to forget; we all have them.

We all have things in our lives that can make us laugh--that can make us think and that can make us cry.

This is the time to make a transition in your life

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from one way of thinking to another. Begin to improve the quality of ���Your Life' so that you can wake up in the morning and be grateful and thankful for this gift of life. Be thankful for living at this time of change and

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re-awakening. You have the power within you to make a difference on the planet. There is still time for each one of us to make a difference on this planet if we are willing to make that commitment today.

We spend too much of our time just blindly accepting things without questioning and examining the reasons behind the message. Why? Could it be because the story is in the newspaper so it must be true or a celebrity tells you so? Did you see them on the advertisement the other day they would never lie to me! Do you blindly follow authority figures?

We do not stop long enough to look beneath the surface to see what is going on. What is the truth what is the whole story.

The world is hurting. Children are hurting. And when they take a real gun and shoot their classmates they have trouble separating, media, electronic reality from true life reality.

Children grow up watching TV even the cartoons exhibit violence.

Children play video games where they shoot the people in the video in order to gain the most points to win the game.

Children shoot other children or defenseless people for the fun of it.

We are in a crises in the world with the natural disasters, murders, abuse of children by parents, grandparents, friends., terror in our land and all over the world. Technology is literally sneaking into our souls separating us from our true selves.

This spells out disaster in our world. Many people say, It is all in Gods

hands. God will take care of everything!!! He will save us but my dear friends, we are the co-creators of this world of the Universe. If we choose to do nothing about it, if we think that this is not our responsibility I suggest that you think again. God and the Universal Order is trying to get our attention--just look around you and see.

I do believe that it is time to climb the mountain stand at the top and look around at the mess that we all have created the hurt, the pain and the suffering that is felt day in and day out. Yes, we all need to stand at the top of the mountain and observe and after we have cried and felt and seen the devastation start to use your imagination, your creative abilities and talents to explore that which needs to be done. Start to stand tall and strong and say: " I will not let this happen to me; I cannot let this happen to my loved ones. We can win we have power we have the power to change the world one person at a time. We all have what it takes to make the world right! We can do it." The wolves the evil forces of this planet will not win. I can see it now. We can do it!

It is true: "When we change what we believe, we change what we do." I may be only one person and you may be only one person but just visualize each one of us as dots in the Universe. A dot here and a dot there and eventually with more dots appearing daily they will ultimately connect and the magnificent energy, the wondrous power surge that ignites will light up the world and everyone will be able to stand at the top of the mountain and see with new eyes the glory of God, the glory of this Mighty Universal Flow shinning through everywhere!

There is a great children show called Bob the Builder. Bob the builder continually asks the question: "Can we do it?" All the children answer: "yes we can" as he and his equipment are called to rebuild, repair or help out in the community.

The children of the world are watching this show and shouting: "Yes, I can--Yes I can" but the rest of us are slumped in our chairs hiding with our fears, hurts and pain.

I say: Yes, you can change if you believe

Yes, you can achieve

Yes, you can be healthy wealthy wise

Yes, you can be a winner

Yes, you can out fox the wolves of this world.

One person at a time, we can win and we can be victorious over our lives if we choose it. Remember the choice is in our hands. I think it is time for us to bring some positive creative imagination and adventure back into our lives. We need the help of everyone in the world. People in the film industry need to start creating movies for all ages. Not jut the 3-5 year olds��_but the for the young and old alike with the messages of " Yes,You Can."

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, April 11, 2012