The hand-writing is on the wall

I am sure we have all heard those words being spoken, the message was shown to us but we some how failed to pay attention to it. It means that we receive signs or notice that something is about to happen yet we ignore it and consider it to be meaningless. Each one of us probably can look back on our lives and come up with at least one time where this situation fits?

Most of us read or hear about something that is right in front of us yet we assume it to be addressed to someone else, and therefore discount the message. Paying attention to the facts, to the scenario and heeding the warning signs is more valuable than turning your head and looking in the other direction. I know sometimes in my life, I have received a flash insight, a sign that I didn't take seriously and was left with an unfortunate situation. My error in judgment was the cause of the end result. I have found that most of my problems could have been avoided if I recognized the hand-writing on the wall and adapted the necessary change that would or could allow me to make a prudent decision and change the outcome.

Allow this message to cause you to take a step back and re-evaluate the way your life, your story is not only being written but unfolding. Are you:

  1. Do you look at change as an adventure and an opportunity?
  2. Do you enjoy in the right way your passage of time or do you dread each day and look at life as grueling?
  3. Do you respond to life and attempt to plug all the holes that seem to weaken you or are you one who is working toward shaping your life through your creative ideas and pro-active views and procedures?

What would you do with your life if you weren't so afraid of what others say or how you are perceived? I have found in my life that challenges come and go daily yet it is up to me to stay strong, maintain a clear head with a clear vision and then walk my walk with a sure footed step. Over time, I have built upon a solid foundation that has enabled me to climb my mountain with courage and a belief that with God on my side, I am unstoppable. For me, that is what is important because I choose to stay alert and cognizant to recognize the handwriting on the wall of my life.

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 27, 2015