Stop making excuses for being unhappy!

no excuses imageAre you allowing excuses to hold you back from your joy? You may feel guilty or angry and resentful because of something that happened to you today, yesterday or years ago. It is so easy to fall into a pit of self-pity and allow those emotions to take you out and cause you to wallow in the dark negative thinking that will destroy your heart.

Excuses give us a reason for settling for less. It is easy to block your happiness because you choose to wallow in your sadness or difficult moments and it is always easy to blame someone or something else. I, for one, refuse to live my life in that state. If you want to live your life in good health, then it is time to step up to a new level of your greatness and believe that "Happiness" belongs to you.

A negative mental frame of mind will absolutely open the door to negative reactions, which include sickness and disease. Feeling inferior or less than someone else is a recipe for disaster. All negative emotions add stress and anxiety to the mind and body.

God put in you the ability to live with happiness and joy if you are willing to welcome it into your life. Happiness is a state of mind and you are the one who need to make the chose to either welcome it into your world or reject it and pay the consequences.. You can at any given moment turn the switch of happiness on so you can enjoy its benefits.

Stop sitting around thinking that you are not capable or feeling defeated. Stop blaming everyone else for your shortcomings. Placing the blame on others will only cause you to stay stuck. Beside when you place your thoughts on blame, the only benefit you get in return is bitterness and more hurt. Don't give your power away to any situation that you face in life, instead let those unfair situations dissolve and become insignificant. Shake off your disappointments and realize that maybe there is a lesson to be learned. Don't let the negativity distract you instead switch your thinking, stop making excuses and refuse to let anyone or anything prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

The enemy would like to see you unhappy, defeated and sulking all the time. That state keeps you regulated and controlled. Is that what you want for your life? This is your time to shine remove your limiting and negative beliefs and begin to realize that each and every day is a gift. Life is too precious to waste it on guilt or all the injustices that we experience. Happiness comes to those who are open to receive it. Believe that you can step over your doubts, fears and hurts and crush them; don't let anyone rob you from your destiny.

The feeling and sense of happiness is one of the many free gifts from God. Are you going to refuse this gift and throw it away or are you going to accept it into your life and enjoy its benefits, that is, a wonderful sense of contentment and inner peace.

We don't always understand why things happen in our lives but please know that nothing that has happened to you is a surprise to God. If you don't let it to be an excuse, then God will pay you back for the unfair things and fill you with blessings and His grace. Don't give it the power that will allow it to be a crutch that will hold you back. If you learn to let it go and move on, you will indeed life your life enjoying all that God has meant for you to experience. Remember the words, "The battle is the Lords and the victory is mine" and in the perfect time you will get to the place that you want to be.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2015