Would you marry you?

This question was asked of our clients in a workshop who were having difficulty in many areas of their lives and not seeing the forest for the trees. This problem happens to many of us because we are so attached to a particular situation that we fail to recognize the bigger picture or the larger scenario.

How often do we see the faults of our partners, our family members and co-workers but we are unconscious of our own shortcomings and idiosyncrasies? We play the blame game and see the limitations in others and really believe that it is them who are holding us back, not understand our needs or respecting our space yet we really do not look in the mirror at ourselves and try to examine what just might be the root cause of our unhappiness, unfulfillment or discontent.

You do not need to be a philosopher or see an analyst to reflect on yourself. It all starts with self-realization. I have found that as I have meditated utilizing some of the meditations in my daughters latest e-book: Love - Heal - Fulfill, the art of knowing you, that I have seen my shortcomings, my fears and my vulnerability in certain areas of my life and that realization was startling. I must admit, however, to have to admit this truth to my self was freeing.

Maybe your concerns are small or possibly they are large, none of that matters the real issue is, does it bother you or hold you back from clear background? For example, if you are craving to enjoy a relationship but aren't, why not? Is it because you are afraid or unwilling to extend yourself in a social environment? Does a commitment scare you or are you lacking self-confidence and don't want to be vulnerable? There are so many aspects to a relationship but most of us fail to realize that in order to enjoy a relationship with another whether it is in your personal or professional life, you must first start exploring a healthy relationship with yourself. Do you have an honest and truthful relationship with yourself? Do you acknowledge your joys and your fears, are you truly open to let love in or are you a little afraid of what that means and how it might turn out? Do you feel lost and lonely yet not willing to share your experiences with another? How are you supposed to get started is a huge concern to many.

Is your forest (your fears or concerns) so big that it frightens you or are you willing to walk past one tree at a time, examine it and enjoy the feelings and sensations that are encountered with each revelation? Taking a broader look at your life can be most refreshing and freeing if and when you are ready to face your demons and discover that they are full of hot air and worthless.

As I have been listening to the meditations (sometimes 10-20- times), I have been able to peel away some of those parts of me that have been afraid to commit to a relationship. My fear of not being able to love fully is one of them. As I did a mediation last evening, I was stunned to realize that I have not since early childhood be able to truly trust another without the fear of rejection or embarrassment. A huge revelation for me!

Possibly you have issues or concerns that you, too, have allowed to stay hidden in the shadows of your mind, heart and soul? It is never to late to light the candle of your mind and heart and see that the only thing holding you back is yourself. Once you examine all the corners of your mind, you just might be willing to turn the light switch up and explore all of your new possibilities. I think it is worth the chance to try, to willingly open my eyes wide so that I can live fully before I die. I want to at least try and explore my options and have the right to make honest choices for my wellbeing. Don't you? I invite you to check out the e-book that will most definitely transform your life if you give it a chance. Go to: http://www.joanmariewhelan.com and see the e-book on the home page entitled: "Love - Heal - Fulfill, the gift of knowing you."


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Thursday, January 14, 2016